Visiting Trainer 2021

(Master Booty Academy)

Get some mass to this ass! Our MBA program is tailored to your individual needs, and like any program upon completion, you will earn a VT MBA Certificate!


Visiting Trainer 2021

VT Built
(Bodybuilding Program)

Mass Moves Mass! This body building program is designed to not only make you look good but also feel good! We know body building is a lifestyle around the clock.


Visiting Trainer 2021

VT Shred
(Summer Bod)

This summer program is specifically designed for fat loss. We won’t just share the secrets on how to get a summer body, but we’ll share how to keep one as well… no matter the SZN!


Visiting Trainer 2021

VT Athlete
(Sports Performance)


Visiting Trainer 2021

VT In-Home
(In-Home Gym/NoEquipment)


Visiting Trainer 2021

Stretch Therapy
(Peace and Flexibility)


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