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The Old Method

The New Method

Personal Training
$70-$100+ Per Session
Unlimited Workouts
$80-$120+ Per Session
Unlimited Coaching
GNC + Others Up Charge!
Awesome Prices
$499 for one course
Awesome Material
Non Existent
Total Cost

$740 - $1480

/ Month
Best Value

12 Months


79 / week

price $356 / 4 weeks
now $316 / 4 weeks

(20% off)

Most popular

6 Months


89 / week

price $396 / 4 weeks

now $356 / 4 weeks

(10% off)

3 Months


99 / week

now $396 / 4 weeks

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Faye is a highly experienced Registered Nutritionist-Dietitian with a passion for transforming lives through health and fitness. With 9 years of industry expertise, Faye has consistently empowered numerous clients to achieve their specific goals and make positive changes.

Originating from the Philippines, Faye has made a significant impact as a clinical dietitian for 4 years, gaining a profound understanding of the vital role proper nutrition plays in attaining optimal health and wellness. Her dedication lies in providing evidence-based, personalized nutrition plans that cater to each client’s unique needs and aspirations.

As a nutrition professional specializing in clinical settings, Faye prides herself on being a motivational force and a constant source of inspiration for her clients on their fitness journeys. She firmly believes that her clients’ success serves as her ultimate motivation, and she commits herself to empowering them to make transformative changes in their lives.

With an extensive wealth of knowledge and expertise, Faye is devoted to helping her clients achieve their fitness and nutrition goals, ultimately enabling them to lead healthier, more fulfilling lives.


Sustainable Fat Loss

Building Muscle Tissue


Registered Dietitian

NASM Nutrition Coach